Flat feet surgery before and after

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My Left Foot: The High Costs of Fallen Arches

flat feet surgery before and after

Flat Feet Correction Options

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Feb 8, Blog. If you have been experiencing this pain you can relate. Pain that is due to flat feet will tend to worsen over time and leave you missing out on fun activities, and feeling miserable when you try to do some of the things you love. Thankfully, there are treatments available. These can range from changing your type of shoes, all the way to reconstructive surgery. In the following sections, we will focus on the specifics of flat feet surgery to help you be more informed.

Pics of a 10 year old girl with severe symptomatic flatfeet. She had the Right foot corrected 9 months ago and having the Left done in the next few weeks. A percutaneous Achilles lengthening, subtalar joint implant and navicular-cuneiform midfoot fusion performed. Dramatic difference in the pre and post op foot and leg posture. The image to the right shows an implants that was placed into the subtalar joint lifting the talus back on top and proper alignment on the calcneus. Note the increase in the heel pitch and the upward position of the talus bone.

Please Enter the Code Below Please leave this field empty. A flat foot is a term used to described a collapsed arch. Medically, the term is pes planovalgus for foot flatten and pushed outwards. Though not all flat feet are problematic, however, when there are painful flat feet can cause significant discomfort and activity limitations. There are two kinds of flat feet — flexible mobile or rigid stiff. A flexible flat foot is one where the foot retains motion, and the arch is able to be recreated when there is no weight on the foot. Flat feet can exhibit a variety of symptoms — from mild to severe.

If the answers to these questions are a resounding “Yes”, then you may want to consult a surgeon and determine if flat feet surgery will end your.
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The physicians at University Foot and Ankle Institute are nationally recognized as experts in the surgical treatment of flat feet in both adults and children. Our surgeons help develop many orthopedic products and surgical procedures that are used in flat feet corrective surgery. With decades of combined experience, our and expertise allows for us to offer the best best care with the highest rates of success in the nation, all in a relaxed and professional environment. Flatfoot occurs when the joints in the foot become progressively misaligned resulting in a collapse and lowering of the arch. This places excessive strain to tendons and joints of the foot.

Are you one of those included in the statistics of people with flat feet? Have flat feet been your problem ever since you noticed that they were different compared to other people? Are you suspecting that flat feet have been causing some pain the ankle, leg, knee, hip or even the back? People with flat feet usually have no symptoms. But these symptoms may be present in mild to severe cases:. If palliative care such as supportive shoes and intensive physical therapy is not effective and the condition of pain is worsening, it is best to consult a surgeon. After the proper diagnostic procedure accomplished through computed tomography CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging MRI , flat feet reconstruction surgery is performed to relieve pain, restore function, and prevent further damage to the feet and the surrounding areas or joints.

Like most people, I never thought of it as a serious medical problem. That was until last year, when the pain got so bad I could barely walk or stand. After trying to tough it out for a while, I finally sought medical advice. I was hoping some simple solution, like exercises, would allow me to continue my normal, active life. The first doctor I went to tried everything — orthotics, taping my feet, a brace — but nothing worked. He then reluctantly referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.

Flat Feet: When Surgery is the Best Option



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  1. Flat foot reconstruction surgery is carried out to relieve pain and restore function in people whose foot arches are very low and where orthotics have not helped.

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