I ordered something on etsy and it never came

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i ordered something on etsy and it never came

How to Cancel an Order on Etsy as a Seller (and Refunding Money on Etsy)

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I ordered a custom made dining room table and bench from GroversGrove on Etsy in February I was told via email that the waiting period was about 3 months. When there was no sign of the table or word from them after 3 months, I emailed them and wanted know how much longer it was going to be. They said they were really busy so it might be a bit longer than expected. Every once in awhile I would email them and ask for updates and every time they would have almost the same answer. I was very, very patient for about 9 months.

To report a problem with an order: On mobilecookingschool.com, click You. Click Purchases and If a seller doesn't specify their shop policies, you can refer to our House Rules.
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I ordered our cake topper weeks ago on Etsy. So sure enough, the cake topper has not arrived and is still in China. I contacted the seller at 2AM requesting I be refunded since:. He, of course, says he's going to contact the postal office, etc Then refuses to issue a refund.

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LinkedIn Facebook Twitter. - I've been an Etsy seller for over two years selling everything from funny mugs to whimsical yoga mats. My Etsy shop has been a great source of extra income and has been an incredible distribution channel.

My experience, however, was rather frustrating. Looking back, I partly blame myself. Here are five things you should keep in mind before buying from a third-party seller on Amazon or Etsy:. Do some research on a third-party seller before you commit to a purchase. All items on Etsy are sold by third parties. One of the biggest issues I had was dealing with a seller who had listed on its storefront page that its items shipped from New York, when in fact they shipped from China. Needless to say, my order took much longer to arrive than expected.

If you checked out as a guest , reply to the receipt in your email to contact the seller. Each item on Etsy is sold by an independent seller. Reach out to the seller if:. Each seller has their own shop policies , so be sure to review those before contacting the seller. This can include how they handle returns, refunds, and cancellations. If you and the seller need assistance from Etsy to come to a resolution, you can open a case.

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