Kensi and deeks season 10

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'NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Spoilers: Kensi & Deeks To Tie The Knot In March

kensi and deeks season 10

NCIS: Los Angeles 10x19 Eric and Nell Moving to San Francisco?

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Click over here for more. They did, however, end on a major cliffhanger that alluded to some potential goodbyes when the show returns next fall. Fans of the series were left wondering about the fate of four main characters after their car was hit with a missile, followed quickly by a "To Be Continued" title card and credits. Prior to the episode, showrunner R. So what could this mean for next season? We're taking a look at some of the characters that are in the greatest jeopardy. Eric Christian Olsen 's character has been hinting at wanting to leave behind his dangerous life, so he's one of the top names on this list.

In Season 9, the couple hit a little bump in the road over their career paths — Kensi wanted to stay working in the field, while Deeks wanted to start settling down and think about having a family. Of course, after the Mexico mission that put their lives at risk, they wised up and realized what was most important: supporting one another. Now in the midst of Season 10, fans are still waiting patiently for the long-awaited nuptials and wedding bells could ring sooner rather than later. When word first broke that the two would walk down the aisle — even before the proposal! Scott Gemmill gave a hint at when that episode could air. Their wedding will be a perfect example of that.

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The box which itself was once in a larger box contained only spring-ing novelty snakes… and a key. Thanks to Nell, Deeks learned the key opened a locker in the armory, inside of which he found a tiny manilla envelope. Yet while emotionally braced for the occasion, neither Deeks nor Kensi could have anticipated the uninvited guest they would have to contend with: Anatoli Kirkin. When ops realized that the Russian mobster had been kidnapped — by an actor whose credits include a guest spot Arrow — the thinking was that he was setting up Deeks to be his rescuer. But that guess was only half right.

The actress has confirmed that her character will finally walk down the aisle about six weeks from now. Ruah, who plays the role of Kensi, has shared a photo of the cover page of Season 10 Episode 17 script. The episode was written by executive producer R. Scott Gemmill and will be directed by Tony Wharmby. By now, the cast and crew may have already filmed Episode


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