John clarke and bryan dawe the front fell off

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Satirist John Clarke, of Clarke and Dawe fame, dies aged 68

john clarke and bryan dawe the front fell off

Clarke and Dawe - The Story that Touched the World

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A friend recently sent me this email, wondering out loud if it was real and commenting on how funny it was…. So what is it? Senator Collins comments are so ridiculous and bizarre that the interview is pretty funny. The video does not depict the real Senator Collins or any other actual government spokesperson. Instead it is one episode of a long running humor segment delivered by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.

Goodness knows there is plenty in the world to be disturbed by, and I have been closing my eyes and breathing deeply and, I admit it, turning my face away from the news. But this — this death of a 68 year old I never met — this is what broke me. John Clarke and Bryan Dawe had a way of taking our lives, our politics, our society, and lampooning them — with straight faces and the driest of wit — so that even the most rabid fan of a policy or faction could see its absurdity, its unfairness, or its incompetence. I will never forget the hundred metre track from The Games. Death and I are old foes. He has come too close too often. I have railed against him through long and desolate nights.

Directed by Karen Johnson. With John Clarke, Bryan Dawe.
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All rights reserved. From his iconic sketches with Bryan Dawe, to The Games' brilliantly incisive take on the absurdity of bureaucracy, satirist John Clarke will be remembered as a legend of Australian comedy. It was announced on Monday that New Zealand-born Clarke had died, aged 68 , while hiking in Victoria over the weekend. As a duo, 'Clarke and Dawe' managed to cut through to the core of bad politics with a deft hand, making light of domestic and foreign policy with the timing of an Abbott and Costello routine. Perhaps their most famous sketch, 'The Front Fell Off', easily stands the test of time nearly 26 years after it first went to air.

Outline: Email forward claims that an attached video shows an actual news interview in which Australian Senator Collins discusses a major oil spill that occurred in Status: False. On August 19th , an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two, dumping 20, tons of crude oil. Senator Collins, a member of the Australian Parliament, appeared on a TV news program to reassure the Australian public. The message apparently intends the viewer to believe that this humour is unintentional and simply the result of yet another politician making a fool of himself in the public eye. It is in fact a satirical mock interview that fully intends to be funny. The video does not depict the real Senator Collins or any other actual government spokesperson.

The Front Fell Off

Clarke and Dawe - The US Oil Spill




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  1. He was a highly regarded actor and writer whose work appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC in both radio and television and also in print.

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