The eukaryotic cell cycle and cancer student handout answers

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Cell cycle checkpoints

the eukaryotic cell cycle and cancer student handout answers

Eukaryotic Cell Cycle - Biology - Genetics

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This interactive module explores the phases, checkpoints, and protein regulators of the cell cycle. The module also shows how mutations in genes that encode cell cycle regulators can lead to the development of cancer. Students can toggle between two different views of the cell cycle by pressing the text in the center of the graphic. This view is appropriate for all levels of high school biology. Please see the Terms of Use for information on how this resource can be used. Skip to main content.

Cancer biology can be a good hook to emotionally engage students with the life sciences. This Feature highlights free online resources to teach cancer biology, including materials that accompany the film The Emperor of All Maladies , lectures by experts hosted by the iBiology and HHMI websites, and a variety of other classroom resources. Cancer humbles us through its nearly universal capacity to impact our lives. As such, the phenomenon of cancer provides educators with a unique opportunity to galvanize attention. Not only does a cancer biology curriculum provide an opportunity to integrate virtually every discipline within the life sciences Shuster and Peterson, , a comprehensive view of the subject is multiscalar, incorporating information from the molecular level, the whole organism, and the social practice of medicine, including health disparities Weber,

Students are given a problem about a relatively new treatment for cancer, Gleevec, and asked to apply and synthesize what they have learned about cell signaling and the eukaryotic cell cycle to explain why this targeted treatment works to prevent cell division with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapeutic agents. The Gleevec problem is synthetic and contextually rich in nature, and gives students the opportunity to review key aspects of translation and the genetic code. The Gleevec problem is part of a hand-out composed of multiple problems related to the eukaryotic cell cycle. The time required to answer the questions is dependent on that student's understanding of the concepts and will be variable. There have been times when we have taught the course where Gleevec and the cell cycle has been designated as a "challenge" problem this decision is dependent upon both the students in the course and the time we have had to discuss regulation of the cell cycle that particular year. Challenge problems are provided for those students who work through all problems quickly and are ready to learn additional material and to be challenged with more sophisticated ideas. Because our course involves daily, collaborative problem solving, we have found that having challenge problems available helps keep all students engaged, on task, and learning at their level.

More Than Metaphor: Online Resources for Teaching Cancer Biology

Data Points engage students in analyzing and interpreting data from primary literature in the biological sciences. The resources are intended to provide authentic phenomena to spark student discussion and exploration, but they can also serve as three-dimensional assessment items., Polycomb Group Proteins and Cancer wikipedia , lookup. NEDD9 wikipedia , lookup.

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