Daryle singletary and rhonda vincent

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daryle singletary and rhonda vincent

In Summer , bluegrass icon Rhonda Vincent and '90s country singer Daryle Singletary teamed up for an album of duets, American.

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The country music world has been reeling since Monday morning, upon hearing the news that beloved singer, Daryle Singletary passed away unexpectedly at the age of Known for his love of traditional country music, even as the fickle fads of public opinion shifted to a more pop-oriented sound, Daryle remained true to the sounds of George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Merle Haggard, and Keith Whitley throughout his career. Although undisputedly a country singer, he was beloved by bluegrass artists and fans alike for his love of traditional music and his big heart. For a few years, Daryle would come with just his guitar, sitting on a stool performing a mixture of his hits and old country classics for the crowd. His humble and unassuming demeanor endearing himself to the audience, even before his signature voice rang through the festival grounds. He would return with his full country band for the next few years as well, playing a late-night country concert for the MACC crowd.

A few days before its release, Rhonda Vincent graciously took the time to talk about the record, the need for traditional country, and more. Daryle and yourself are friends who have sung together before, but this is your first album of duets together. What was the impetus to record this project? Daryle is one of the greatest singers, and I love getting to sing with him whenever I have the opportunity. We have sung together quite often to the point where if we would both be somewhere people would always ask if we would sing a duet. It got to be tradition, or expectation, so we started talking about how much we did love singing together and thought about doing an all duet project. Was it a long-time planning or did the two of you decide to do it and then the album came together quickly?

Rhonda Vincent, Daryle Singletary team up on ĎAmerican Grandstandí


Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State. I do get excited when I see a Bluegrass record come out. Especially if they are from two of my all-time favorites: Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary. What you see is what you get with Daryle. Daryle is hitting the pavement hard with his summer tour in full swing. He is booked from Texas to West Virginia and everywhere in between.

Country music duets have a deep and long tradition going back to the origins of the genre, celebrating its heydays in the late 60s and 70s when Johnny recorded with June, Merle with Bonnie, Buck with Rose, Tammy with George, George also with Melba and Loretta first with Ernest and then Conway. The sounds had changed, the craftsmanship got lost and party-songs started to take over. It was actually Travis, who was able to get the young Georgian twenty-something a record deal with Giant Records, after hearing him sing a demo of a song Travis later recorded. After two more albums for Giant, he was out. But he keeps recording for independent labels, staying true to the tradition. Throughout the years, he always used the help of Bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent, either as a background singer on his debut album, while she was his labelmate or as a duet-partner on one of his independent releases.

Trigger Reviews 31 Comments. Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary is one of those pairs of voices. Those that pay attention to the doings in traditional country circles, even as attention has waned for them in the mainstream, know that the voices of Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary are no strangers to each other, on stage or in the studio. The duo has struck a chord with audiences on numerous occasions over the years, but never in a dedicated fashion until now. American Grandstand finds the current Queen of Bluegrass, and one of the greatest traditional country voices still around remaking classic old country music duets with their incredible collaborative beauty, taking you back to a time when the stars of country music were required to have voices that stirred the spirit instead of requiring technological enhancement to sound sweet. The album is still fair to couch as more of a duets cover record than anything, which docks it novelty points. Delivering them something more familiar, and leaving more of the original material for their individual projects is probably a smart way to go.



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