Tara lipinski and johnny weir

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Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weirs Food Network Show: 5 Things You Need to Know

tara lipinski and johnny weir

Rarely do a sport's broadcasters outshine its stars. But Olympic figure skating's very sparkly Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski (quite literally) do.

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Lipinski and Weir are providing much more colorful commentary than figure skating fans may be used to. Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are changing the face or rather, the voice of figure skating commentary. It goes without saying that Weir and Lipinski, who recently told GQ t hey cemented their friendship after a weeklong stint for Universal Sports in that ended in foot rubs, are different from other figure skating commentators. For starters, they wear bedazzled headsets and coordinating outfits. They rock matching sequined ensembles with bold accessories.

Beyond crazy hats, the two will also be bringing their incredible chemistry to the Derby, that was on display during primetime in PyeongChang. But we knew we could rely on Alina and Evgenia to create an inspiring Olympic moment. Through the glitter and the honesty, they say they hope to push skating further into the public eye and convert Olympic figure skating fans into viewers who tune in more often than every four years. They bonded quickly after they were both hired as analysts for NBC. Nobody threw us together on camera. We built it ourselves.

Rarely do a sport's broadcasters outshine its stars. Through some cocktail of flash, chemistry, and pure energy, Weir and Lipinski became the Internet's darlingsthe main draw of a sport that lacks the crown-jewel-of-the-Winter-Olympics luster it once hadand, most importantly, each other's best friend. There, they've maintained their signature commentating style: a Gladwell-ian ability to demystify figure skating for the uninitiated and an extreme candor for which they've caught some heat. The outfits and social-media game remain strong as well. When we spoke with them last week mostly about getting dressed , they were coping with not being in adjoining hotel rooms"There's this very long mirror where the adjoining door should be," says Lipinski, "and I think about it all day long. Why didn't they just make the mirror a door?! GQ: I believe congratulations and condolences are in order, Johnny.

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have won world championships, skated for gold medals and reported from the front lines of the Oscars, the Kentucky Derby and the Olympics, but nothing has been more competitive than their time on Celebrity Family Feud. The former-figure-skaters-turned-fashion-commentators are one of many famous duos to compete on Celebrity Family Feud this season. It was standing across the room from each othersomething foreign for the friends after spending more than five years next to each other, hip to hip, on NBC. Tara and I have worked very hard, and we love being together when we work and doing things as a team. Happy Birthday my dearest taralipinski!

John Garvin Weir [1] born July 2, is an American figure skater , fashion designer , and television commentator. He is of Norwegian heritage, [2] and has a brother, Brian, who is four years younger. Soon after Weir began skating at the age of 12, his family moved to Newark, Delaware , so he could be near his training rink and coach. Weir became interested in figure skating at the age of eleven while watching Oksana Baiul win her Olympic gold medal. He taught himself how to jump on roller skates in his basement. His parents eventually bought him a pair of used figure skates, and he practiced on a frozen cornfield behind his family home. His parents could not afford to support both his figure skating and his equestrian pursuits, so Weir gave up his pony, My Blue Shadow, and turned his focus completely to figure skating.

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John Garvin Weir (born July 2, ) is an American figure skater, fashion designer, and .. In Weir and Tara Lipinski worked as a broadcast team for ice skating events at the Sochi Winter Olympics. As a result of positive reviews and.
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