New york sports and joints

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New York Sports & Joints Adds Cryotherapy Service

new york sports and joints

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Toggle navigation Orthopedic Doctors. It is situated at 99th St, Rego Park and it's contact number is Kenneth Mcculloch who is Principal of the clinic and his contact number is Complete Clinic Profile:. Patients can directly walkin to the clinic or can call on the below given phone number for appointment.

Joint preservation techniques are used in patients with cartilage defects to preserve the joints and to restore the function. Articular cartilage is the cartilage that covers the bony surface of joints. It has a smooth surface which allows the bones of the knee joint to slide over each other with very little friction. Articular cartilage is often damaged by injury or normal wear and tear. The number of children participating in sports activities has been increasing over the recent years resulting in a substantial rise in the incidences of sports injuries. Even though there are several benefits of active participation in sports, including building up of self-confidence, physical fitness, and learning to work in a team, there is also a risk of sports-related injuries.

The hip jointis the largest weight-bearing joint in the human body. It is also referred to as a ball and socket joint and is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The thigh bone or femur and the pelvis join to form the hip joint. Any injury or disease of the hip will adversely affect the joint's range of motion and ability to bear weight. The hip joint is the junction where the hip joins the leg to the trunk of the body. It is comprised of two bones: the thigh bone or femur and the pelvis which is made up of three bones called ilium, ischium, and pubis. The ball of the hip joint is made by the femoral head while the socket is formed by the acetabulum.


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