Allman brown & liz lawrence sons and daughters lyrics

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Sons and Daughters Allman Brown (feat- Liz Lawrence)

allman brown & liz lawrence sons and daughters lyrics

Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence - Sons and Daughters // Official Video


For some reason I needed the emotions of our loss to wash over me. This song brought them all up, not just because of the tune but because of the lyrics too. I loved the imagery of the moon wrapped in the arms of the sky the moon has been one of our biggest connections to Reid since the very start. I loved the part about being the walls of his heart. And I loved the line about praying for sons and daughters. This is a prayer Aaron and I have made continually since April. Shortly after Reid was born we decided that we would try again as soon as I was cleared.

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If you were listening close enough last season during an especially emotional moment on NBC's "Parenthood," you may have heard Allman Brown 's beautifully written song "Sons and Daughters" playing in the background. For me, it was when vocalist Liz Lawrence joined him on the chorus, filling his melodies with wonderfully placed harmonies, that I knew I had to hear more. Since Shazam'ing the song, it has been on rotation regularly, shared with coworkers and on social media sites and has led me to his new four-song EP. His raw sound drips with heartfelt emotion, so much so that it's easy to connect with him even after the first listen. Recently, Brown spoke with us about Ancient Light which was released on June 16, with Akira Records, where he sees himself fitting into today's music scene and his favorite spot to write music you'll never guess where. You know it has to be three minutes for the radio, it has to sound like this

In an interview about this new track Allman talked about how the song was inspired by normal life. Where most songs are written about larger than life moments, extraordinary moments like your first kiss or other really big romantic ideals, his song celebrates the everyday things. This love song about everyday life has really spoken to me. Nothing spectacular has happened to us for a while, which in some ways is great. My faith is both fragile and so very strong at the same time.

Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this song. Write something about this song. The singer songwriter created a song that blossoms ever so slowly and tenderly. Your Love is a breathtaking, time stopping song that oozes. This is the song I was listening to when drawing Makorra last night. I really love it and wanna spread the word about this beautiful indie song.

I wanted to feed into that, offer my own counterweight. So this record is about reassurance, about me putting some positive energy into the world. The track proved a Spotify smash, with 10 million worldwide streams thus far as well as featured placement on multiple TV soundtracks. Though he yearned to record, Brown enjoyed the time with his family whilst also devoting himself to his work. Indeed, once he made peace with the slight delay, his songwriting provided a refuge, the extra few months turning out to be more reward than obstacle.

And in our hearts, we still pray for sons and daughters




in our hearts we still pray for sons and daughters



Sons and Daughters



Sons and Daughters Lyrics: And I will hold you tight / Like the moon in the arms of the sky / And I will [Chorus: Allman Brown & Liz Lawrence].
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