Can you move breast milk from freezer to deep freeze

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How to store, freeze and thaw breast milk

can you move breast milk from freezer to deep freeze

The length of time that frozen breast milk will be good in the freezer If you have a deep freeze that you rarely open, milk rotation is less of a.

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Label the date the breast milk was expressed on each container and include your child's name if you are giving the milk to a child care provider. Talk with your child care provider about how they require breast milk be stored and labeled. Store breast milk in small batches. Any remaining breast milk left in a bottle after your baby is finished with a feeding should be used within 2 hours, or, if quickly refrigerated, used for the next feeding. You can always thaw an extra container if needed.

Not that that has happened to me. The length of time that frozen breast milk will be good in the freezer depends on the type of freezer that you are using more information is available here :. Therefore, depending on the type of freezer you have and how old your baby is when you start freezing milk, your milk might not last as long as you need it to. If you plan on pumping past that point, you need to have a system in place to use the old milk before it goes bad. This is where rotating your freezer stash come in. Rotating your freezer stash means using the oldest milk that you have on hand to feed your baby while the newer milk that you pump goes into the freezer to replace it.

Whether you're returning to work, building your milk supply, or you just want your partner to be able to feed your baby an occasional bottle, at some point, a good chance exists that you will want to pump and store your breast milk. Once you've pumped or expressed your breast milk into a safe bag or container, you can store it in a cooler with a cold pack for 24 hours, the coldest part of an attached freezer for three to six months, or in a deep freezer for six to 12 months. The sooner you use your pumped milk, the better it will be for your baby. When you pump breast milk to freeze, be sure to pump or transfer your milk into a suitable container, such as a bottle with a screw cap or a pre-sterilized milk bag. Leave a little bit of space at the top of the container so that the milk has room to expand as it freezes.

I have been using the lansinoh bags and storing them in our freezer that is a side by side with our fridge. Now here is my question, can I move the milk that is in my regular freezer which I hear can keep in a regular freezer anywhere from months to the deep freezer chest and store it longer like the months that they say the chests can save milk for? Any information would be great. I have been doing 4 oz right now. I put the bags straight into the freezer. With the lansinoh bags they freeze flat very well. Then you can store the milk bags on top of each other in the gift bag in the freezer and the oldest milk is on bottom.

How Long is Frozen Breast Milk Good For?

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Freeze breast milk if you will not be using it within 24 hours. If the freezer is a chest or a deep freezer (?4F or ?20C), milk may be frozen for.
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  2. So I have had some breast milk in my regular freezer (abover fridge) for I have heard it can last up to a year in a deep freeze but only about 3 Are your parents close enough that you can rotate your milk out? I would try to rotate out (feed to baby) the oldest milk and not move it to the deep freeze.

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