Logan paul vs ksi fight video

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We analyzed who will win the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight and the answer is clear

logan paul vs ksi fight video

Deji VS. Jake Paul - FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

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On Saturday, two YouTubers stepped into the ring to settle their differences with their fists. But for a large subset of YouTube fans, it felt very real. The event itself looked and felt like a proper boxing card, albeit one with some seriously questionable fighters on its line-up. When it came time for Paul and KSI to face off, the two entered the ring in gaudy robes and then got down to business. While Paul started strong, he fell apart due to exhaustion, allowing KSI to pull ahead in later rounds. In the end, the fight was declared a draw.

KSI and Logan Paul rematch has long been mooted, but has constantly been put off. The rematch of the hotly-anticipated clash between the two YouTube stars was originally scheduled for an American contest in February , as per the agreements of a two-fight deal. But, KSI said he would make sure the February date "doesn't happen" and that the contest could instead be scheduled for early summer or around May. I get to enjoy the rest of the year, not to worry too much about training. New York has been tipped, while the British YouTube star would also like the showdown to be held in "somewhere like Dubai or something.

The pair are the talk of the internet, the combat-sports industry, and the wider entertainment circuit all because they want to settle an online grudge for our apparent pleasure. In one corner we have KSI, aka JJ, the year-old Londoner renowned for vlogging and rapping and controversially known for "trivialising rape" ; his YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers. In the other corner we have Logan Paul, the year-old internet celebrity who achieved global notoriety earlier this year when he uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel Then it turned weird when KSI mercilessly trash-talked Paul's girlfriend and family, perhaps going too far. Now it's a grudge match of sorts. Their fight, a low-level white-collar boxing show, could be one of the most watched combat sports events of the year and, naturally, people in the fight game are unhappy. The former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping slammed the YouTubers on his podcast for "making a mockery of the sport of boxing and martial arts," while Eddie Hearn the promoter of world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua told TMZ that as a "hardcore boxing fan" the event "makes his skin crawl," as he believes neither YouTuber can fight and "it'll actually be terrible to watch.

The fight ended in a majority draw , with two judges scoring it 5757 and the other 5857 in favour of KSI. KSI has requested for the second fight to take place in November He initially challenged Logan Paul 's younger brother Jake to fight. Deji did not want to be fighting on the undercard of the fight, therefore it was agreed that the fight would be advertised with Deji and Jake's names being listed in the manner of a co-main event. The two parties signed contracts agreeing to have two fights, one to be held on 25 August at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom , and another to be held in February in the United States. Originally, Logan and Jake Paul wanted any fight to be held in a neutral venue, preferably Dubai , United Arab Emirates , but Logan had decided to go with the two-fight plan. In an interview with TMZ on 23 July , KSI admitted his aspirations of turning professional after the fight saying "I wanna squeeze out every bit of relevancy from him Logan Paul and then move onto my bigger goal which is to go pro".

KSI vs Logan Paul rematch: When is second fight between YouTubers set to take place?

Logan Paul and KSI Fight to a Draw in YouTube Superfight, Jake Defeats Deji

In addition to these two main fights, six more took place. However, this poll was deemed irrelevant following Logan officially accepting the challenge. After conflict and disagreements between the two management teams, the fight was officially announced on 18 March On 16 June , the official press conference for the fights took place in the US. A lot of fans attended the event, particularly young children. In the beginning, Jake and ComedyShortsGamer were alone on stage, taking "shots" at each other. As the four were calling each other out, KSI took a wig and mocked Logan's hair.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Title: KSI vs. Logan Paul Live at the Manchester Arena .

KSI and Jake Paul vs. Deji -- is over The 2 went the 6-round distance in an entertaining and exhausting fight, but in the end KSI's hand was raised As for the fight Logan dominated the first 2 rounds by landing a number of jabs and body shots, but the momentum seemed to turn after KSI threw a cheap shot after the bell at the end of round After that, KSI's energy level looked much higher than Logan's -- especially in the final round -- as he threw a series of violent haymakers Earlier, Logan's younger bro Jake defeated Deji in the 5th round by knockout after wearing him down with a flurry of punches in the previous 2 rounds.

FULL FIGHT - KSI VS. LOGAN PAUL [OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM] - Full Video youtube Boxing 25.08.2018


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