Does god have a plan for my life

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Does God Have A Specific Plan For My Life?

does god have a plan for my life

God DOES NOT have a plan for your life!

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Sooner or later in life everybody has to make some decisions. Which college should I go to? Whom should I marry? Should I move here or there? You pray to God and ask for help but there are often no prophetic dreams, visions or strong feelings leading you one way or another.

But we have no grand scheme or purpose to our play.
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Last Updated On August 21st, The story of how I decided I want to work in the church is really quite boring. It was, and is, the only thing that has captured my attention and fit my skills. This leads to the bigger question for all of us, does God have a plan, or calling, for each of our lives? Before we can apply this verse to our lives we need to understand the context in which it was written. During this time the Israelites were living in captivity in Babylon. They were looking for answers and searching for hope.

It's evangelical orthodoxy, on a par with belief in substitutionary atonement and the sanctity of Spurgeon. It's part of the salvation package, along with forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. Christianity isn't just true, it offers the sure and certain knowledge that whatever happens to you is God's will. If you don't like it, it's because you haven't understood it. I understand where people who think like this are coming from, I really do. They have a deep sense of the sovereignty of God. They want to affirm his power.

Does God Have a Plan?

What is Gods plan for me?

If so, how does he reveal it? How do we hear him and discern his voice from others? Let me say that there is something of a category error involved here. God never tells us to figure what his secret plan is for us. But he has already told you how you are to live, what constitutes a godly decision, what it means to follow his will. A good place to start is the Ten Commandments.


Does God have a plan for my life?





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  1. It's one thing to recognize that God has an overarching plan for the world; it is quite another to acknowledge that God has a specific life plan for each person.

  2. God has a plan for your life that He is always working out even when you are doing the wrong thing. God knows everything we are going to do.

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