2008 toyota tundra 5.7 oil capacity

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How to Change the Oil in a Toyota Tundra 2008 5.7L

2008 toyota tundra 5.7 oil capacity

oil change in toyota tundra

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A rear differential fluid change is good maintenance if you do a decent amount of towing. Depending on how often you tow a trailer, a rear differential fluid change should occur every 30, miles or so. People are good about keeping up with engine oil, and transmission oil, but differentials rarely get touched. In fact, I would bet most people never change it over the life of most cars they own. I just changed out the rear differential oil on my Toyota Tundra with , miles and took pics along the way to show how easy it is. A differential fluid change is a pretty straight forward job. On top of getting the oil, I bought new crush washers from Toyota, the rest of the tools I used I already had.

While it may seem intimidating to do an oil change on a Toyota Tundra with the 5. The skid plate that protects the undercarriage, and thereby the oil filter, is designed to come off for access to the underside of the engine. The filter is different, since it is a paper insert replacement instead of the traditional screw on filter and housing combo. The rest of the oil change is standard - drain the old out and put new one in. Remove the skid plate.

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LouB answered 12 years ago. Hi Jimm You should simply give the service manager at your Toyota dealership and get the location and the switch out procedure as well. If that doesn't work for you, try your local quick-lube place. They know where it is! Good luck.

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5.7 oil capacity!?

Jamie Alberico Dec 24, Comments 6. Performing your own Tundra oil change can save you money. The skid plate is heavy. Use caution when removing it. Locate your drain plug bolt next to the oil filter housing. Place oil drip pan under the drain plug then shift it slightly toward the wheel. Once the bolt moves freely, unscrew it by hand.

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  1. Just changed my oil and to get it in the correct specs (per manual) is with ON/OFF Blue For Toyota Sequoia 4Runner Tundra

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