2013 honda pilot oil reset

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How to: Honda Pilot 2003-2019 Oil Maintenance Minder Reset

2013 honda pilot oil reset

Honda Pilot Oil Maintenance Light Reset: To turning off the Oil Change Maintenance Light on , , , , Honda.

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Posted on October 19, Honda vehicles are designed to make life a little easier. One feature that is especially helpful is the Maintenance Minder light. This light will alert you when your vehicle is due for its next round of scheduled maintenance, which most often will cover oil changes and inspections. Unfortunately, this light is only helpful when it is reset after this scheduled maintenance is taken care of. Usually when you go to a Honda service center for your scheduled maintenance, a technician will reset this light for you.

If it is not reset the system will be unable to properly track when your next oil change is due. Follow the steps below to reset the oil life monitor after each oil change. The 3. If the oil change light reset procedure is not working to reset your oil life monitor, make sure you are following each of the steps exactly and in the order displayed in the Oil Change Light Reset Honda Pilot procedure above. If this is not the oil life monitor reset procedure for your vehicle, restart your oil light reset procedure search HERE. Due to the wide range of vehicles makes and models, this is general information and should not be taken as specific to any vehicle.

To save you, the customer, time and money Honda created the Maintenance Minder system to show the engine oil life in the information display,letting the vehicles owner know when the engine oil needs replacing and maintenance is due. Your vehicle shows engine oil life as a percentage. A: The on board computer system in your vehicle continuously monitors the engine operating conditions such as speed, engine and ambient temperature, time and the vehicle use. The system will count down the vehicles oil life based on these conditions to determine when an engine oil change and maintenance is necessary. A: As the on-board computer continuously monitors the vehicle, your Maintenance Minder provides continuous information regarding the remaining oil life in the vehicle. Also, each time your vehicle is turned on the information center will automatically display the percentage of remaining oil life. This indicates how many miles your vehicle service is past due.

Reset service light indicator Honda Pilot. From years: , , , , , , How do you reset service light indicator Honda Pilot. Resetting the Service due soon message, reset the service due now indicator and reset the service past due light if maintenance service is done by someone other than your dealer, reset the maintenance minder as follows:. If you have the required service done but do not reset the display, or reset the display without doing the service, the system will not show the correct maintenance intervals.

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Many Honda vehicles are equipped with Honda's Maintenance Minder function; it displays the engine oil life indicator or maintenance requirements at certain mileage intervals. When you have a Honda service department change your Honda's oil or perform factory-scheduled maintenance, the Honda technician will usually reset the service minder, eliminating the service-required notice from the instrument panel information display until the next interval. Sometimes the technician forgets to reset the service minder, or the service is performed before the minder goes off. If that's the case, or when you perform your own maintenance, you'll need to reset the Maintenance Minder yourself. The procedure to reset the maintenance minder is the same for every Maintenance Minder-equipped Honda vehicle. Keep in mind, not all Hondas have this feature.

Reset service light indicator Honda Pilot

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Honda Maintenance Minder System

Your Honda maintenance Minder light needs to be reset every time one of the required services are completed such as oil changes, tire rotations, air filters, etc.. If you get your Honda serviced at a dealership you should not have to worry about reseting your maintenance minder light. The technician that completed your services should do it for you. Although if you are doing you are servicing on your own Honda or if the technician forgot to reset the light for you, below are simple steps to reset the Honda Maintenance minder light yourself. Reseting the light varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some Honda Vehicles still have the trip button such as the Honda civic. This is a stalk that sticks out of your dash that is usually used to determine what you want displayed on the dash or to reset your trips.

Instructions 1 Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the ignition switch to the "on" position. Do not start the Honda. I can not get the key to turn in the ignition of my Honda Pilot. I can insert the key, but it will not turn either direction. The car has power and I have tried both keys.

To help vehicle owners know when scheduled maintenance is due, Honda has introduced the maintenance minder system in these models:.,


How do I reset the Maintenance Minder in my 2008 Honda Pilot?




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