Hot crazy matrix for women

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crazy girl dating matrix

hot crazy matrix for women

A friend of mine brought the Hot Crazy Matrix to my attention, and it was Apparently, the Crazy Axis starts at 4 because all women are at least.

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I hope Dana is doing good. I know he had some health problems that he talked about on the podcast but i saw him at alumni and seemed to be doing well. Love this video lol. Got to meet Dana in the team room and he is really that funny all the time. Interesting how he is writing with his left hand but his gun is on his right hip scratching my head. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Everyone seeks to capture and nurture a relationship with a unicorn, but very few are lucky enough to even spot one. Unicorns are the most attractive and least crazy of all people. For a man, the chance of meeting and courting a unicorn is slim, and for a woman, the chances are even slimmer. There are fewer members of the unicorn zone than any other zone of the Hot-Crazy Matrix. It is believed that less than 0. Early research also indicates that male unicorns are even less common than female unicorns with females at 0.

The video is ostensibly a comedy routine, which some viewers have observed to be a light-hearted, pseudo-science elaboration of this terrible joke from How I Met Your Mother. Even though many of us are trying to progress towards a society devoid of transphobia, it would still be totally gross to end up getting tricked into dating one, bro! The original clip is well over , views, and shorter versions of it have sprung up on Facebook, WorldStarHipHop, and anywhere you can find low-quality internet comedy videos. VICE: Are you surprised by the amount of attention your video has got? I never contemplated that would happen. Is it a joke?

I'm not sure how the hell it took a full month for the female answer to the Tennessee attorney's viral “Hot/Crazy” matrix video guide to women to.
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The Hot Crazy Matrix is explained in the video linked below. The guy in the video draws out a graphical depiction with a women's level of crazy on the vertical axis and her level of hotness on the horizontal access and discusses what group lies in different parts of the chart. You should not be wasting your time with girls who fall between on the hotness axis. Anything less is just bad for business and won't help you in the long run. Don't settle, even with one night stands.

The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

The Crazy Hot Matrix





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  1. This video could be considered offensive toward some women, but it's also genuinely funny in this guys approach to "logically" explain the way women think.

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