Baby k tan hug position

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Baby K’tan Carrier review

baby k tan hug position

Baby K'tan Hug Position. Hold your baby securely against your body facing inward (towards you). Place the inner loop between your baby's legs and pull it over.

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By Hayley Pearce. Over the years, it has won several awards. This means there is no wrapping involved or excess fabric, which is great for mums with little time on their hands who just want to throw a carrier on and go. It also allows babies to be carried in six different ways depending on their age and stage, including forward facing and with feet in or out. I tested this carrier in my home using all five of the six carrier positions; the hip position requires babies to be sitting up unassisted. I personally found that since my baby is 18 lb, he sat very low in the carrier. I found that the material was tight at the back of my babies knees, however, because he was weighing it down so much.

Try your carrier when baby is fed, rested and in a good mood. At this point you can begin to use the Hug Position. Many babies may prefer to skip the Kangaroo Position all-together and begin right away with the Hug Position. For helpful tips on wearing a newborn in the Hug Position, see this user submitted video. Baby can sense your mood. Keep practicing and stay calm :. Introduce when baby starts stretching legs months.

At what age can you transition a newborn from the kangaroo position to the hug position in the baby k'tan? My lo is 7 weeks and I've some kangaroo a few times. He still likes hug. I started using the hug position at 3 wks because I've always hated the newborn position with all my carriers I probably don't do it right, it always seem like baby is too bent and airway possibly interfered. My baby is very small so I never even thought to do the hug but my friend told me that's what she used with her baby so I gave it a try. My son and I both love it. He is almost 6 wks now and we've had no problems and both enjoy the hug position.

FREE U. Babywearing has a learning curve, and every individual is different. If you are struggling with your Baby K'tan Baby Carrier your first one or two uses, don't fret! You are not alone. Practice makes perfect, and we are here to help.

Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier Review

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier Review

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