Alex jones vs joe rogan

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Alex Jones And Joe Rogan Are In The Midst Of A Hilarious Feud

alex jones vs joe rogan

The cartoonish feud between conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and podcaster Joe Rogan (outlined here) has finally come to an end, with Rogan.

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Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. I started listening to this, thinking it would be funny, but just ended up disturbed. Joe barely pushed back against anything he said -- seems like he really just wanted to give Alex a broader platform to spread his lies. And yes, they're so obvious that no one intelligent could believe them -- but it's the kind of thing you listen to a few times ironically, and then you start to think, maybe Jones has a little point on that -- and then you go down the rabbit hole, and before you know it, you're a fucking Infowars listener.

During the program — which has already received over 2. But it is in particular with certain groups and historians have noted that, but have fun with your political correctness," wrote Jones in the email. Alex Jones has been at the heart of controversy for his conspiracy theory website Info Wars and as a result of his described as extreme viewpoints by the public and media, many of his social media accounts were suspended on Twitter and Facebook. But he has remained ever-present online. Shortly after speaking about German soldiers and Satanic cults, Jones starts discussing Mexico and Native Americans at the mark. Jones then begins discussing the connections to a cult working within a group mentality.

Like two neutron stars slowly pulled together by their mutual gravity, orbiting around each other before collapsing together and obliterating everything in space around them, Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are beefing. I suppose this turn from the former pals was destined once Jones got 86'd from every respectable content mill on the Internet and thus became a little too hot to handle. The trouble started last summer, shortly before Jones was banned. This prompted Jones to call Rogan an agent of the globalist lizard people for defending Soros, which in turn prompted Rogan to sigh a bunch and explain that while he loved Jones and thought he was a great guy, he wished he would cool it with the Sandy Hook stuff. The only thing more powerful than government brain-scanning technology is the bond of friendship! Rogan has railed in the past about Twitter silencing free speech and de-platforming in general , but he just sort of let Dorsey say whatever he wanted, unchallenged, which is kind of the Rogan model.

Alex Jones made his triumphant return to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, where he discussed Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and his arch-nemesis, George Soros, among other things. He wants to work with you… [as does] Alexander Soros… you just need to stop attacking him… and by the way, we want you to pump Bitcoin.
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Alex Jones, creator of the website InfoWars. The two men made amends privately, the podcast being little more than another unhinged speech from Jones, who has enough energy to feverishly rant about aliens, artificial intelligence and Hillary Clinton for almost five hours solid. At least, every atrocity that might ignite a gun control debate. It was interesting to see how Jones portrays himself as a victim of unfair media coverage, as a man simply examining events from every possible angle. Jones being barring from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, along with facing a defamation lawsuit or two, has caused the man to dramatically shift his position on Sandy Hook. As delusional as he is, even Alex Jones knows the shape of the world.

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The friendship between the two goes way back, as far as the late nineties, which explains why Rogan invited Jones on his podcast to spread his nonsense. Joe Rogan has always enjoyed chatting with pseudoscientists and eccentrics, but the explosive popularity of his podcast has become a bit of a burden; The Joe Rogan Experience currently boasts 4 million subscribers on YouTube and is a constant presence in the top ten most-downloaded podcasts on iTunes. That massive audience places Rogan in a position of heavy responsibility, as his laid-back, smoke-filled recording room has evolved into a powerful platform, where unhinged individuals have the opportunity to spread their gospel. But when you fall out with an unhinged conspiracy theorist, eventually, you will become part of the conspiracy. It all came to a climax when Joe Rogan had Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on his podcast, and spent the interview essentially nodding along while Dorsey spewed meaningless corporate jargon. But Rogan has always been a conversationalist rather than a journalist. This interview approach is controversial in itself, because it allows misinformation to spread unchallenged, but it does allow the guest to feel comfortable enough to reveal who they truly are.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan and controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have finally settled their bizarre feud, thanks to a wacky, five-hour-long podcast. Despite their comical feud, the two apparently made amends in private over the phone, with Rogan inviting Jones on the podcast once more as a sign of good faith. Rogan even walked Jones through a public apology for his comments on the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, which he claimed was an engineered operation by gun control advocacy groups. While Rogan had speculated that Jones had been suffering from mental health problems following their first episode, it looks like the two have finally made up - not excluding a few eye-rolling hijinks along the way. Virginia Glaze.


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