How to get rid of animals under the deck

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How to Keep Animals from Going Under a Deck

how to get rid of animals under the deck

How to get rid of Raccoons fast!

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Pest Info. About Us. Choose Wildlife. How to remove an animal living under a house Sometime wild animals may cause the problem around the domestic property. Even if most of the times the animals may choose to live above the grounds like chimneys, cavities or attics, there are some that choose to live under the porch or under the shed. These are the spaces that may be small and the place where they enter in the area, it can be too inconspicuous to be seen easily.

Removing A Wild Animal From Under A Deck, Shed Or Porch Wild animals can often be a problem around a domestic property, and while they will often look for areas above ground level such as attics, wall cavities and chimneys, they can also find their way into spaces beneath decking, a shed or a porch. These spaces are often quite small, and their entry holes can often be inconspicuous too, but it is important to deal with the situation promptly if you think animals may be underneath these spaces. While scratching can be one sign that there may be animals below, in many cases it will be signs around the entry point such as animal feces, scavenged food or other debris that can suggest you have a wild animal below. The natural instinct for many species is to look for a dark and confined space where they can give birth and raise their young, and many animals will naturally look for caves or cavities between tree roots in the wild. There are also many species that can burrow their own holes, and both types of animal can often be found in the cavities beneath a deck, shed or porch. These cavities will replicate the kind of spaces that they would naturally look for in the wild, and as many of these species are also scavengers, the presence of food sources such as garbage or domestic pet food nearby can be an extra bonus.

This often occurs when a female skunk wants a safe place to raise a brood of baby skunks. It's also simply common for skunks in any life state to want to seek out a safe shelter.
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Now that fall is here and colder weather has arrived, animals are looking for warm and safe places to make their winter nests. One area that is often chosen is the space under a deck. Many animals, including raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, and opossums, make their nests there. Here are some tips to keep animals from living under your deck. The best way to keep animals out from under your deck is to create a physical barrier, but before you do that you need to make sure there are not animals already living there.

To truly solve this situation, you must construct some physical barrier instead of live trapping, scaring, or killing the animal. In general, evict the animal and then construct a barrier the animal cannot physically bypass -- like a wall built of latticework or wire fencing extending into the ground. Wildlife is unpredictable, so the more elaborate your barrier, the better your chance of keeping the animal out. Try not to do anything during the season when the animal may have babies. The problem is made worse if someone removes a mom but leaves the babies, who will soon start starving. Live-trapping is NOT a good solution as it only addresses this animal and does nothing to prevent the next animal that comes by from moving in and starting the whole process over again.

Raccoons are excellent mothers and will move their babies to a new den site when frightened, but evicting a mother raccoon always runs the risk that she might abandon or become separated from her babies. Your first option is to do nothing at all. Raccoons typically live in underground dens for short periods. Raccoon babies are independent by the end of summer, when they leave the den and disperse from their family groups. Raccoon mothers also commonly move their babies between den sites during the nesting season, so she may leave on her own.

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