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Get Off My Lawn

get off my lawn gavin

Get Off My Lawn LIVE with Gavin McInnes - #9 ANTIFA DEATH TOLL

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This Antifa special begins with a concerted effort to care about China that goes nowhere. Then we do a huge segment on antifa news and notice a patter Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special is getting in trouble with the alt-left - not because it's politically incorrect but - because it dares to promot Before taking some calls and catching up on the holidays, we breeze through some stupid ideas for videos and make fun of Ryan for thinking my wife got More talk about the Proud Boys case and the trannies who got away with much worse that night.

Peter Gabriel sucks and of course, Ryan likes him because he has the worst musical taste in the entire state of NY. Robert Crumb is clearly one of the greatest artists of all time. This is always the case with these people. Anyway, we also talk about guns, mass shootings, and tricking kids into thinking Joe Dirt is the new Avengers movie. Click here to refresh the feed. We also cover roasting marshmallows related to STDs , soakers, and of course, not making it to the bathroom on time. This is a really gross episode.

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We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. I sparred with three guys today and had a pretty rough time trying to stay alive in the ring. After making fun of a terrible Sylvester Stallone movie about prisons, we go over highlights from the second DNC presidential candidate debates. It was gaffe after gaffe and they call culminated with Joe Biden telling us to go to Joe whatever the hell that means.

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After chasing nude men around and getting high with teenagers, we take some calls and wonder if we took on too many sponsors. After laughing at a fat guy who thinks his moobs are sexy, we check in on antifa and how deeply ingrained in the system despite having a death toll that just hit Then we take a bunch of calls and end with some viral videos including the manliest man in Britain. Pre-taped call-in Episode. Do women really turn into their mothers? It seems like looking at a girl's mom can be a time machine into her future.



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