Legend of zelda blue ring

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Red Ring (The Legend of Zelda)

legend of zelda blue ring

The Legend of Zelda blue ring (uncut)

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Search this site. Blue Ring Route. Alternate Blue Ring Route. Alternate Blue Ring Route 2. Intermediate Routes.

Its up to you. The blue ring costs rupees, and is hidden in the upper right corner of map. To get there from the start of the game, travel:. There is a secret entrance to the shop on the upper tree line in the middle. Just push through along the middle of the tree line to find it, but don't bother coming here without the rupees!

The Blue Ring is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. It is a ring set with a large blue stone; when worn, it reduces the amount of damage dealt to Link by half. The Blue Ring can be bought for Rupees in a shop hidden underneath an Armos ; in the First Quest, the shop is located in the southern parts of Hyrule, and in northeastern Hyrule in the Second Quest. When Link wears the Blue Ring, his previously green clothing turns a light blue. Likely due to technical limitations of the console , other objects that were the same shade of green as Link's tunic will also turn light blue, including the dot that represents Link on the map, parts of arrows and the raft , and the clothing of shop owners and Princess Zelda. The chest is located underneath a large statue that requires the Power Glove to lift. The effect of the Blue Ring is similar to the Armor Rings, but unlike those, the Blue Ring does not incur negative effects on Link's sword attacks.

Blue Ring (The Legend of Zelda)

You can get the Blue Candle in O6 for only 60 rupees. Don't pay more. It will allow you to burn the enemies or trees of the outside world and to light up some dark rooms of dungeons. It's sold for the same price in C2, G3, and G5. Do not be ripped off because some other stores sell it at rupees.

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Dear Mario, your princess is in another castle Nah, I can't hate. Second Quest is a legit difficulty increase over the first one, and has some more difficult puzzles to figure out and dungeons to explore. And some other nasty enemies we will come to in a bit Remember where we found The Blue Ring shop in the first quest?

Latest Announcements. In the Second Quest , it is sold for Rupees in a different location in the northeastern portion of Hyrule. While Link has the Blue Ring equipped, his tunic is white. Certain characters, items, and enemies share colors with Link's tunic and will appear white while Link has the Blue Ring equipped, such as Princess Zelda 's dress, the Arrow , and the whiskers of a Pols Voice. The Blue Ring can be replaced with the Red Ring found in Level-9 , which reduces the amount of damage Link takes to a quarter of what he normally would.

The Blue Ring is a recurring item in two versions of the Legend of Zelda game. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 6, times. Categories: The Legend of Zelda Series. Learn more Method 1. Find the secret shop.


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