Most common vietnamese last names

Vietnamese Family Names

most common vietnamese last names

Vietnamese Common Female Names (Learn Southern Vietnamese Accent with SVFF)


Vietnamese personal names generally consist of three parts: one patrilineal family name , one or more middle name s one of which may be taken from the mother's family name , and one given name , used in that order. The "family name first" order follows the system of Chinese names and is common throughout the Chinese cultural sphere. However, it is different from Chinese, Korean , and Japanese names in the usage of "middle names", as they are less common in China and Korea and do not exist in Japan. Persons can be referred to by the whole name, the given name or a hierarchic pronoun , which usually connotes a degree of family relationship or kinship, in normal usage. The Vietnamese language is tonal, and so are Vietnamese names.

I have a brother-in-law who is originally from Hong Kong and his last name is Yuen. I learned from John McWhorter's superb series on linguistics that this Chinese name is of Turkic origin. I asked my brother-in-law about this and he said "Yes, family lore is that we originally came from North-West China" i. I wonder if readers have information that contradicts the above — or is it correct? I'd like to know that our family story is accurate. Also, are there any other common last names that cover such a wide geographic, linguistic, and cultural span, particularly from such ancient times?

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The most common family names among the Vietnamese are the following (the Chinese characters following each name are Han.
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Vietnamese Names

Vietnamese names put the family name first followed by the middle and given names. Take Pham Van Duc, for example, Pham is the family name or what we call the last name.




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