How many btu do i need per square foot

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Calculating BTUs Per Square Foot

how many btu do i need per square foot

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Certified room air conditioners with variable speed technology save even more energy and quietly regulate the temperature, giving consumers the innovation and energy savings they desire in a state-of-the-art room AC. ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioners come with better materials and clearer instructions to improve sealing and insulation around the unit, so costly and uncomfortable air leaks are minimized. These products are also 'smart-grid ready', potentially allowing you to take advantage of special energy bill savings programs some local utilities are starting to offer. Learn How a Product Earns the Label. Remember that bigger is not always better! Buying an air conditioner that is too large does not provide better cooling. An oversized air conditioner is actually less effective and wastes energy at the same time.

Why is this important? This could mean cooling the air in the hot weather or heating the air in colder temperatures. It could mean reducing humidity levels. Or in more pleasant weather conditions, simply exchanging the inside air with fresh, outdoor air. That is, how much energy to make the indoor air temperature more comfortable. There are several online resources with estimated BTU calculators. The first technique is to simply figure the square footage of the space you want to heat.

Use this calculator to estimate the cooling needs of a typical room or house, such as finding out the power of a window air conditioner needed for an apartment room or the central air conditioner for an entire house. This is a general purpose calculator that helps estimate the BTUs required to heat or cool an area. This calculator can only gauge rough estimates. It is approximately the energy needed to heat one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. BTU is often used as a point of reference for comparing different fuels. Even though they're physical commodities and quantified accordingly, such as by volume or barrels, they can be converted to BTUs depending on the energy or heat content inherent in each quantity. BTU as a unit of measurement is more useful than physical quantity because of fuel's intrinsic value as an energy source.

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One BTU is defined as the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 pound 0. Choosing a furnace or air conditioning system with the right number of BTUs per square foot of space can help you heat or cool your home efficiently and cost-effectively.

Two free calculators estimate the number of BTUs needed to cool or heat a room or BTUs on the technical label refer to how much heat the air conditioner can remove Area To Be Cooled (square feet), Capacity Needed (BTUs per hour).
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