How to make harem pants

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How to Make Your Own Fitting Harem Pants and Top

how to make harem pants

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Checkout the pattern for a Bohemian hippie pants , an alternative to harem pants with its elastic waistband and loose fit. Even if you are using other non stretchy fabric like cotton or polyester, the ankle belt should be in a stretchy fabric. In the instruction below I am using cotton for the waist piece and pant legs but the ankle belt is in knit, otherwise you will have problem getting your feet inside. The pattern has to be pinned to 2 layers of fabric which is kept on fold. Cut the patterns as per the diagram given below Refer to the post on cutting fabric if you would like more details.

So that inspired me to make a pair myself. The recent post on the Facebook page made me emotional, because everyone was so caring and supportive and offering practical tips and advice that would help each other grow. If you are part of the community already, thank you for being there, and thank you for being YOU! Okay, back to the topic…So belly dancer harem pants come in different shapes, and in this video, you will see Princess Jasmine style harem pants that are loose and balloony but has separate legs as opposed to Aladdin style also known as Afghani pants that is super loose in the centre and has short to almost no separate legs. Fabric — You need about twice your pant length plus about 20cm or 8in. Pajama shorts or pants are perfect. We will use these as our pattern.

Harem pants and all their variations never seem to go out of fashion. They are a great project for beginners in pattern making and sewing. There are many different options to style those type of pants, and they can be approached differently when drafting. In this tutorial, I am going to show you three different ways to draft a harem pants pattern. You can choose the one that you like best, or make all of them.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Measure from your waist to above the ankle. Mark this on the fabric, this will be the length of the pants. Cut the excedent, as well the other edge of the fabric. Fold the fabric as you can see in the picture.

How to Make Belly Dancer Harem Pants

How to make harem pants with pockets cutting and stitching DIY






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