How to copy a line segment

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Drawing a copy of given line segment

how to copy a line segment

Copy a LIne Segment

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Every one of you knows to draw the geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles etc. But can you draw these same shapes without using the line segment? To draw these shapes, the line segment is the most important thing. Let us study the construction of the line segment. The line is the combination of points which extends infinitely in both directions. But line segment is the part of the line with fixed endpoints. How do you do it?

Step 1 : Use a ruler to draw a straight line that is slightly longer than 6 cm. Mark the starting point P near the beginning of the line. Step 2 : Stretch the 2 arms of the compasses on the ruler until the distance between the sharp end and the pencil end is 6 cm apart. Step 3 : Put the compasses on the line with the sharp end at point P and mark an arc on the line using the pencil end. Step 4: Remove the compasses and mark the point where the arc meets the line as point Q.

Brian was a geometry teacher through the Teach for America program and started the geometry program at his school. Duplicating a Line Segment - Problem 1. When constructing a line segment , we use a compass and straightedge to first draw a ray or line and then a point that will serve as an endpoint of the new segment. Next, we measure the given segment with a compass and make a mark with the pencil end. This is our line segment. The rules of construction say, you can only have two tools at your disposal. The first is a compass and I know what you're probably thinking at home that does not look anything like my compass Mr.

After doing this, Your work should look like this. Start with a line segment PQ that we will copy. Geometry construction with compass and straightedge or ruler or.
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The constructions associated with copying a segment and copying an angle require that you have a "place" to begin your copy. It is customary to draw a straight line upon which you then produce your copy. Such a line is called a " reference line ". STEPS: 1. Using a straightedge, draw a reference line, if one is not provided.

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How to Copy a Line Segment Using a Compass




Construction Related to Line Segment



How to copy a line segment with compass and straightedge or ruler. Given a line segment, this shows how to make another segemnt of the same length.
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