How to take oral temperature

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Body Temperature

how to take oral temperature

Using a thermometer to check your temperature can help you manage an illness. A rise in How do I take my temperature orally with a digital thermometer?.

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Jump to content. Body temperature is a measure of your body's ability to make and get rid of heat. The body is very good at keeping its temperature within a safe range, even when temperatures outside the body change a lot. Your body temperature can be measured in many places on your body. The most common ones are the mouth, the ear, the armpit, and the rectum. Temperature can also be measured on your forehead.

There are 4 ways to take (measure) a temperature: A digital thermometer is best for taking temperatures by the armpit and mouth. Fever strips and pacifier thermometers do not give an accurate temperature.
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Different methods of taking a temperature will produce different average readings. However, several methods that measure the internal temperature, including oral, axillary, rectal, temporal and ear have been found in various studies to all be accurate ways to take a temperature. It is important to properly take a temperature with whatever method you choose, as if it is done incorrectly, the reading may be inaccurate and will generally read lower than the true temperature. A fever is considered to be a rectal, ear or temporal artery temperature of Talk to your doctor about what temperature range they would consider a fever and about the recommended treatment. With that rise in temperature comes inflammation in various parts of the body.

The normal oral temperature is Oral temperature measurement is common and reliable because it is close to the sublingual artery. An oral thermometer is shown in Figure 2. The device has blue colouring , indicating that it is an oral or axillary thermometer as opposed to a rectal thermometer, which has red colouring. Remove the probe from the device and place a probe cover from the box on the oral thermometer without touching the probe cover with your hands. Ensure the thermometer probe is in the posterior sublingual pocket under the tongue, slightly off-centre.

This material must not be used for commercial purposes, or in any hospital or medical facility. Failure to comply may result in legal action. Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Jun 19, An oral temperature TEM-per-ah-chur is when the mouth is used to take your temperature. A temperature measures body heat.

Fever - How to Take the Temperature

The body temperature of infants and children can change quickly. If your child feels warmer than usual to your touch, is sweating, shivering or seems ill, you will want to take his or her temperature before calling the doctor., Fever strips and pacifier thermometers do not give an accurate temperature.

Temperature: Digital and Glass Thermometers

Using a thermometer to check your temperature can help you manage an illness. A rise in your temperature is usually caused by an infection. When using any kind of thermometer, make sure you read and follow the instructions that come with the thermometer. Normal body temperature is about Your temperature is usually lower in the morning and increases during the day. It reaches its high in the late afternoon or evening.




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  1. Learn why you need to check oral temperatures, what kind of thermometers are available, and how to use them correctly.

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