How to connect two led strip lights together

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How to Connect An LED Strip to a Power Supply

how to connect two led strip lights together

Connect RGB LED Strip

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Flexible LED strip lights are used all over the world in various industrial, commercial and residential projects. LED strip lighting is popular among many Architects and Lighting Designers due to the improvements in efficiency, color options and brightness. The biggest draw is how easy they are to install. Their flexibility, low-profile and helpful accessories make them the most popular LED strip for the at home DIY types. With these LED strips, a homeowner can design like a professional with the right supplies and just an hour or two. This LED Strip Resource Guide will educate newcomers and experts alike on finding the best LED strip lights for the job and how to use them while overcoming common installation hold-ups.

The RGB strip lights we carry — in total are lit using 5-amps at volts. If you wish to buy more than one kit and connect them together, you will need to purchase an additional power supply. We do not sell them in our store Otherwise, the ends will not light up or be very dim. This 8-amp 12v AC Power Adapter will be perfect for you if you wish to connect 2 or 3 strip lights:. And the math goes on… We would typically recommend at max 3 strip lights to be connected to a single power source for safety reasons.

LED strip lights have become a quick and efficient answer to providing accent lighting around your home. A relatively low cost option is low voltage, 12 volt LED strip lighting. These discrete strips are sometimes called led ribbon lights or flexible led strips, referring to the ease at which they form to any surface to provide a soft, smooth accent light. Their low 12VDC power input makes them run at an efficient rate while LEDs keep it running cool and safe to run in tight spaces. All of these factor into what makes 12V LED strips so great for under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, bookshelf lighting , task lighting, cove lighting and so much more.

As you can see the LED strip now has 2 wires connected to it. You can use an LED driver which has screw terminals as input and output.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Im working on a project with LED light strips, and want to connect them all to a sd controller. It calls for Can I hook all these strips to one power supply of W 80A?

Written by Christopher on Wednesday, September 26, Depending on how you hook the strips up, the length options are almost limitless. When doing this, you have to consider some logistics. When determining how many strips you want to connect together, remember that with wire, resistance increases with distance. This is no different with LED strips.

Installing LED Tape – how to wire your large LED projects

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