Devil may cry mission 16

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Devil May Cry 5: Where to find Secret Missions, Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs

devil may cry mission 16

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition [PT Part 16] [Dante - Mission 16]

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As you playthrough Mission 16 there are a few collectibles to grab. This guide will show you the Mission 16 collectibles locations. Note : To get all the collectibles in this Mission may require a second playthrough. Be prepared for this if you want to collect everything. There are a total of four collectibles in Mission The split in collectibles is three orbs and one weapon. You need to complete this mission twice to get everything listed above.

Our goal now is to return to where the game had started, in the castle. You can ignore most monsters as you head to the entrance you used when you first got to the Courtyard in Mission 9. Go to where the drawbridge is raised and use the Wheel of Destiny to lower the bridge, letting you access the castle once again. Once you cross the bridge, you can't go back outside , so be sure to complete all the Secret Missions that take place outdoors. Head through the door to the Main Hall. Inside, things will have changed.

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. At the bottom of every hole you go down to, a battle will initiate against demons. You'll need to defeat all of them to open the pathway to the next area. After the first forced battle with the Scudo and Proto Angelos, you will descend an area with platforms that crumble after you step on them. There will be a Gold Orb on a ledge in this area so keep an eye out for it. After your second forced battle with the Hellbats and Behemoths, there will be a ledge which you can jump to from the opened gate.

As Dante, you'll encounter a series of pits and arenas to fight enemies in during this mission. After fighting the first set of enemies, look out across the opening for a Gold Orb. Quickly use the crumbling platform here to jump across. If you accidentally make it crumble, you can get to the other side by equipping Cavaliere, double jumping, then using melee attacks until you get to the other side. Keep on your descent after getting it, collecting orbs as you go. In the next area, you'll fight two Helbats and a Behmoth. In the next pit, you can jump across, changing your route.

Nightmare of Darkness is the sixteenth mission in Devil May Cry. The mission starts with Dante still in front of the statue where he picked up the Wheel of Destiny at the end of the previous mission. Immediately behind him, a complete Blue Orb is hovering in plain view to the left of the elevator: grab it and take the elevator up. Dante's mission now is to return to the castle, as the Wheel of Destiny allows him to lower the drawbridge. Cross the Coliseum and exit through the door Dante entered through.

Devil May Cry walkthrough/M16

In Nico's customization shop you can buy a limited number of Blue Orbs, which each add one vitality slot to your health bar, and Purple Orbs, which expand the Devil Trigger gauge. But those aren't the only orbs in DMC5. Scattered throughout the game's levels you'll find hidden orb fragments for both blue and purple orbs.

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