Christian missions in many lands

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Christian Missions in Many Lands

christian missions in many lands

Ruth Tucker- Zambia Missions Update- November 2018

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News of assembly missionaries in distant lands was minimal, at best gleaned from private correspondence and the limited scope of first-hand reports. His answer to this need was to publish a two-page news-sheet of missionary letters. Over the intervening years the simple newssheet developed into a quarterly, subscription-free, magazine with a circulation of 14, copies. Changing conditions over the years added new dimensions to the activities of service organizations. Prior to World War I, the travels of missionaries were little noticed and generally unaffected by government restrictions. However, in the last eighty plus years, foreign governments have shown an increased awareness and interest in the missionaries serving within their borders and the nature of their mission activities.

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CMML was established in as a nonprofit, faith-based service organization to serve missionaries from the United States serving in cross-cultural missions overseas. The missionaries that CMML serves are those who are called by the Lord, commended by their local churches and look to the Lord alone for direction and to supply their financial needs without contractual links with any other agency. As a missionary service organization, CMML bridges the gap between those on the foreign field and their assemblies at home. CMML serves by facilitating prayer for missionaries, forwarding unsolicited, free-will gifts to the missionaries, and disseminating information concerning missionary activities. As a service organization, CMML does not send or superintend missionaries but simply serves them. Steps to Go back Go Commendation. Prayer back Prayer Requests Today's Missionaries.

Every month around the 15th CMML will deduct a predetermined amount from your bank account for the missionary or missionaries you suggest. This method of giving saves CMML time and money and enables us to process your gift in a more timely manner. To enroll in this program, please fill out the form and mail it to CMML. Email Jennifer Rogers at cmml. Download Form. Donate online with your credit card.


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  1. Christian Missions In Many Lands (CMML) was established in as a nonprofit, faith-based service organization to serve missionaries from the United States.

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