Where was the olympics held

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2020 Summer Olympics

where was the olympics held

Olympic Games, Athens, 1896

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This is a list of host cities of the Olympic Games , both summer and winter, since the modern Olympics began in The Summer Olympics were officially sanctioned and held in Athens. The Youth Olympic Games are held every four years in staggered summer and winter events consistent with the current Olympic Games format, though in reverse order with Winter Games held in leap years instead of Summer Games. The first summer version was held in Singapore from 14 to 26 August while the first winter version was held in Innsbruck , Austria from 13 to 22 January In , Beijing will become the first-ever city that has held both the summer and the winter Olympic Games. Stockholm hosted the Summer Olympics and the equestrian portion of the Summer Olympics.

These Games will see the introduction of additional disciplines within several of the Summer Olympics sports, including 3x3 basketball , freestyle BMX and Madison cycling , as well as further mixed events. Under new IOC policies that allow sports to be added to the Games' program to augment the permanent "core" Olympic events, these Games will see karate , sport climbing , surfing and skateboarding make their Olympic debuts, and the return of baseball and softball which were removed from the summer program after Tokyo , Istanbul , and Madrid were the three candidate cities. The applicant cities of Baku Azerbaijan and Doha Qatar were not promoted to candidate status. A bid from Rome was withdrawn. An exhaustive ballot system was used. A run-off vote between these two cities was held to determine which would be eliminated.

Since then, the event has been held after every four years except in , , and when the event was canceled due to the World Wars. The first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France in The and winter events were canceled due to World War II. Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year until the International Olympics Committee decided to split the games to alternate even years by holding the Winter Olympics in and The United States has hosted the Olympic games more than any other country, having hosted four Summer Olympic games and four Winter Olympic games. The city of London leads in the number of events held in a single city with three Summer Olympics.

The Modern Olympic Games began in , 1, years after the ancient Olympics were abolished. The athletes within each of these Olympic Games have undergone hardship and struggle. Some overcame poverty, while others overcame sickness and injury. Yet each gave their all and competed to see who was the fastest, strongest and best in the world. Discover the unique story of each of the Olympic Games. The athletes who competed represented only 14 countries and wore their athletic club uniforms instead of national uniforms. The games were riddled with disorganization and were under-publicized.

Summer Olympic Games

Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics in 1936

Host Cities of the Olympic Games

Fifty-six years after having organised the Olympic Games, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time, from 24 July to 9 August The Games in radically transformed the country. Aligning with the reforms advocated by Olympic Agenda , the Tokyo Games will use as many existing competition venues as possible, namely those built for the Games in , such as the prestigious Nippon Budokkan for judo, the Baji Koen Park for equestrian events, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium for handball. The Tokyo National Stadium, where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and athletics competitions will be staged, will be completely revamped and replaced by a new arena. Japan has been an Olympic land since the Summer Games of , which were the first to be staged in Asia. In , the country will host its fourth Games, if we include the Winter Games of in Sapporo and of in Nagano. Tokyo, which also bid for the Olympic Games, previously hosted the Games in

Tokyo There will be 11 medals in total that day, with others coming in archery, cycling, fencing, judo, taekwondo and weightlifting. Several new sports will feature up front and early on the schedule. The Aomi and Ariake venues will be a hotspot for urban events, where a vibrant atmosphere is expected. Basketball 3x3 gets underway on the second day of the Games, as do street skateboarding events, while BMX freestyle follows on 1 and 2 August.

List of Olympic Games host cities

The most recent Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. In each Olympic event, gold medals are awarded for first place, silver medals are awarded for second place, and bronze medals are awarded for third place; this tradition began in The Olympics have increased in scope from a event competition with fewer than male competitors from 14 nations in , to events with 11, competitors 6, men, 5, women from nations in The Summer Olympics has been hosted on five continents by a total of nineteen countries. The Games have been held four times in the United States in , , and ; three times in the United Kingdom in , and ; twice each in Greece , , France , , Germany , and Australia , ; and once each in Sweden , Belgium , Netherlands , Finland , Italy , Japan , Mexico , Canada , Soviet Union , South Korea , Spain , China and Brazil




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  1. This is a list of host cities of the Olympic Games, both summer and winter, since the modern Olympics began in Since then, summer games have usually but not always celebrated a four-year period known as an Olympiad. There have been 28 Summer Olympic Games held in 23 cities, and 23 In , Beijing will become the first-ever city that has held both the summer.

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