What year was the year without a santa claus made

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Rankin/Bass Retrospective - The Year Without a Santa Claus

what year was the year without a santa claus made

The Year Without a Santa Claus is a Christmas stop motion animated television special . The special was first released on VHS by Vestron Video on September 5, A live-action remake of The Year Without a Santa Claus premiered on NBC on December 11, , and was released on DVD the following day.

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The story is based on Phyllis McGinley 's book of the same name. It was originally broadcast on December 10, on ABC. The film was Shirley Booth 's final acting credit as she retired from acting after its completion. The film took a total of about 2 months to edit and film. Santa Claus wakes up with a cold sometime before Christmas.

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A widescreen DVD was released on December 12, This remake follows the same basic concept as the original: Santa, disillusioned by children's lack of belief in him and in the spirit of giving, decides not to deliver toys this Christmas Eve , despite the arguments by Mrs. Claus and two of his helper-elves, Jingle and Jangle. They decide to provide Santa with some proof that children still believe and that they still deserve toys from Santa, so the elves visit the United States in search of Christmas spirit. They face setbacks both in South Town, which is celebrating its annual Winter Festival, and in their dealings with the jealous, competitive Miser Brothers, who refuse to compromise long enough to permit a Christmas snow in the southern town. Finally, Santa's faith in children is renewed with the help of the boy Iggy Thistlewhite. The most obvious differences are in the setting, which is moved to the 21st century present day, and the music, which is all but gone.

Everyone stop quoting Elf for five minutes and listen up. We have an abundance of Christmas movies to choose from during the holiday season, so it's inevitable that a few are forgotten. It will air on Monday night at 7 p. The whole thing is only 48 minutes long what else are you doing on a Monday? But for those of you who have seen it and don't like it, let me change your mind.

But it had been four years since their last Christmas special, and it was time to have a crack at it again. The poem told of a year long ago when Santa, feeling old and worn out, decided to take a vacation from Christmas for a year. The children of the Earth were in great sorrow as news reached around the world, crying endlessly at the thought of a Christmas without Santa. But one boy, Ignatius Thistlewhite, stands up and persuades the children to understand that even Santa needs a holiday, that Christmas is just as much about giving as it is receiving. With these words in mind, a campaign is launched to give back to Santa, and every child in the world sends gifts to him to show their appreciation.

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The Year Without a Santa Claus

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