What is the pass mark for driving theory test

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10 tips on how to pass your theory test

what is the pass mark for driving theory test

You'll get the result at the test centre after taking the theory test. You must pass your driving test in that time, otherwise you'll have to pass the theory test again.

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What you need to know about this key knowledge test for learner drivers. The learner driver theory test was introduced in By law, before applying for a learner permit, candidates must complete and pass a test of their general road safety knowledge and motoring legislation. It applies to anyone applying for a first learner permit in any vehicle category. The test is computer-based and has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. You will have a chance to take a practice session on the day before starting on the actual test. If you have special needs please contact the Driver Theory Service and explain your requirements.

Succeeding in the UK theory test is by no means guaranteed, and the DVLA have certainly made things harder for learner drivers in recent years. To pass the multiple-choice section, you need to answer 43 out of 53 questions correctly. There will be a time limit of 57 minutes. As the test is completed digitally, you will get an opportunity to practise on a few sample questions before the exam begins. You have 57 minutes to answer all the questions. This means you have an average of It is possible you will be asked several questions which are based on one scenario.

Learning to drive. Ugh, the theory test. Visit the official government site to find your nearest centre and book your test. The good news is that the DVSA Driving Standards Agency has produced a theory test handbook which is packed full of useful tips and example questions. Make sure you get your hands on a copy and take some time to revise. You can get loads more information on the hazard perception test here.

You'll be taking this in your own individual cubicle with a touch screen computer and will be able to answer questions in your own time. TrafficTrainer has been completely revised and updated to match the new questions that you can expect in these tests. This excellent new online E-Learning training and testing tool is the best on the market, as it is updated daily with the new questions that the CBR is adding. Don't underestimate this test now; allow for about a total of at least 25 hours of studying time, for this is known to be the overall average for our learner-drivers with a first time pass! To make sure you pass first time, try our excellent online tool TrafficTrainer to help you study.

In the booth, you'll find instructions on how to use the computer. If you want to, you can work through a practice test for up to 15 minutes to get used to the system before you start the actual test. You'll have a maximum of 57 minutes to complete the test. An on-screen clock is displayed so that you'll always know how much time you have left. All the questions are multiple-choice and they vary between straight text, text with graphics of road signs and text with photographs of road and driving scenarios. By touching the screen, you can choose one or more answers from the options shown.

The Theory Test

Newly released figures show that there are some areas of the country where it appears to be much easier to pass your driving test than others. But, regardless of where you take the practical test, would-be drivers in Great Britain are required to take a theory test as well before getting their driving licence. But, once we are out on the road, not all of us can remember every detail.

Skip to content. Information on the driving theory test, who needs to take it and documents you must bring. If you are a learner driver you must take and pass your theory test before you book your practical test. However, if you already have a full driving licence you may not have to take another theory test if you want to start driving a different vehicle. If you want to take a theory or practical driving test in Northern Ireland, it is a legal requirement that you must be normally resident in Northern Ireland. If you have a GB provisional licence and want to take a motorcycle, car, bus or lorry theory test here, before booking your test you will need to complete a residency declaration form and send it to DVA with proof you are resident in Northern Ireland.

Because so many people use our site to test their knowledge, we have a rich history of data on each test question over 1, questions from the DVSA revision question bank. This means we can see which questions people struggle with and which ones they find easy. We've analysed the data from the last , quiz attempts on this site. We've then looked at the percentage of people that got each question correct. This has revealed the most difficult theory test questions.

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